Mar 24, 2010

No, I Will Not Hug You

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Sour Patch Kids are the bomb aren't they? The commercials perfectly explain the way they taste.

First they're sour...

Then they're sweet.

I thought it'd be interesting to get my roommate's point of view on the infamous Sour Patch Kids commercials. She, being my roommate, also appreciates a nice and solid awkward situation. What is more awkward than waking up in the morning with one pigtail missing? Or how about walking out your front door and getting slapped in the face via eggs? Or even better, taking a scenic bike ride through the park and smacking into a mural painted on a brick wall? Those delicious devils get the best of us every time. Not my roommate though...


When I listened to Katie's testimony, I realized, 'She's right.' These crazy kids can't just do whatever they want and expect us to forgive them. It is not okay that you forced a pigeon to poop on me; being delicious isn't going to cut it anymore.
Who am I kidding? That is a lie. Taste buds around the globe have saved Sour Patch Kids thus far. But if their sour moments get any worse, even taste buds may not preserve them.

Just a thought.