May 12, 2010

In This Post, I Use the Word "Plethora"

Thus far, I have collected a plethora of advertisements and displayed them on ads gone awol in the hopes that you people get the drift. Advertising has stepped outside of its comfort zone. We have come a long way- from the catchy jingle of the first Coca-cola commercial to condom commercials being banned from T.V. Advertising has changed since it started and will continue to evolve as time creeps forward.
For emxample, it is no longer unacceptable for awkward situations to occur. The itchy feeling you get in awkward situations, has now become a selling point. Ad campaigners have taken notice of the change in humor of the new generation; and they are running with it. Peoples' humor has evolved into a more, dare I say, vulgar and less modest one. It has raised the bar, upped the annie. Advertising is bigger and bolder.
One day, I hope to create ads such as the ones I have compiled here for you. They are witty. They are distinct. They are loud in the sense that they refuse to go unocticed. One day, I will be the awkward person behind the advertisment. Look out world,

because here I come.