Mar 17, 2010

Don't Cross the Line!

You know that imaginary line between funny and just plain messed up? It is often crossed by attention seekers and/or people who have zero filter and zero people skills. Ads that have been banned from T.V. and magazines crossed that line. The line is sacred! One must respect the line while not letting modesty completely over-shadow the statement trying to be made. The envelope must be pushed at times or else we would never see ads that truly made a statement and caused people to think.
The following commercial was banned from T.V. on account of its sense of raunchiness and over the top method of delivery.

Also, I am 65% positive that there is a point in time in which the teenager's manhood is visible to the world as he is flying through the sky. Nudity; really X-Box promoters?
Here is an example of another ad that hurdled the fine line.

Ha. I don't really think an explanation is in order for that one.

No one can say that these ads don't grab their attention. However, there are certain morals and such that need be preserved. These ads leap the line and head straight for the bad side of the awkward scale. That is why they did not air. That is why it is so important to realize the boundaries and not exceed them.