Mar 2, 2010

Humor is Hot

Awkward moments occur everyday. No one can escape them. No matter what, your cheeks will burn with the redness of embarrassment throughout your lifetime. The video above shows peoples' awkward moments ON TELEVISION. We should be thankful that most of our awkward moments aren't broadcast for the world to see (even though we often feel that the whole planet witnesses all of our unfortunately uncomfortable moments.)

Awkward moments are not fun to endure for most people. I say most because there are a select few out there that thoroughly enjoy awkward moments, myself included. They are funny for those on the outside to listen to or watch. They're even funny to instigate in tension filled situations.
Why are they so funny? Do we as a society thrive on others' pain: be it physical or mental? I think we do. The majority of the population that watches T.V. and reads the paper and magazines finds today's advertisements humorous simply because they're weird and OTHER PEOPLE are the suckers dealing with the awkwardness. Therefore, all of us viewers can sit back, relax and soak in the failure of others. Another reason the commercials and other weird ads are so appealing to us is that we can relate to them many times.

Anyway you put it, the ads are funny and seem to have taken over the world of advertising. Bottom line, humor is hot.