Feb 17, 2010

I've been Dorito slapped.

Watch this here video. Then refer to the rest of this post.

That was one of the most, if not the most, awkward commercials of Super Bowl XLIV. I dig it; found it hilarious. In the gym, iron was pumped in sports goggles, sweatbands, high-waters and Chuck Taylors. Then a Dorito Samurai killed a guy via Dorito to the neck?

It may not have tickled your fancy, but I bet this one will...

These commercials both use the approach of uncomfortable humor. Back in the day (say...20 plus years ago), there would not have been any commercials like these.

Moral of the story: On a scale of 1-10, my like for Doritos is a mere 4. However, I found myself in a torn decision at the vending machine last night and little Jaylen and Tim, the Dorito Samurai, popped into my head. I could not help but remember the funny commercials I had seen them in. I hit C3, the Doritos dropped, and I had myself a snack. Job well done Doritos ad campaign.

Feb 13, 2010


What's hot these days in advertising? In case you're not a commercial junkie like I happen to be, I'll fill you in. 'Awkward' is in. T.V. commercials, magazine ads, Internet ads, etc. have all gone awol. awol = awkward in my lingo. Refer to the title of my blog for other words that perfectly describe awol. Basically, I've noticed that peoples' funny bone is tickled these days by all that is odd. It has changed from back in the day when advertising was more reserved and left 'inside the box'. These days, most ads are off the wall and leave us with an,

"Itchy. Did that really just happen; did they really
just say that? I feel uncomfortable. Don't stand so close to me
kind of feeling. Being an awkward gal myself, I rather enjoy this new wave of advertising. Currently my favorite commercial is the E*TRADE baby shankapotomus commercial. Ha...babies don't wear visors; and they certainly do not talk smack to business partners after a day on the golf coarse.

This blog will give you an understanding of where I believe advertising is blooming and fading, what it is turning away from and leaning toward and where it has been and where it is headed in the future.