Mar 31, 2010

It is awkward in itself that I am putting up a post about tampons and 'that time of the month' for us girls. But that is the name of the game for this blog so, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Everyone knows that the subject of girls and aunt flow has always been an awkward one to talk about. It is gross. It makes us feel fat, angry and emotional. Also, it arrives at an awkward stage in our lives. We're at that 'in between' time when we are, as Britney Spears put it so correctly, "not a girl; not yet a woman." (Feel uncomfortable yet?) I saw this commercial not too long ago about the feelings aunt flow brings when she rolls around each month. I found it hilarious and when you think about what is being said. It is all so sarcastic and if you turn everything she says around, you get the truth. So boys, watch it. Take notes. Learn to stay out of our way when aunt flow is in town. (If you didn't feel uneasy before, do you now?)

In watching that commercial, it can be realized that other tampon ads truly are ridiculous. You do not want to dance, frolic, smile, twirl on the beach, OR twirl on the beach in slow motion. You want to punch stuff. This ad gets it right. It's sarcastic display of the above mentioned activities done while girls are on their period, (AH! It is indeed the first and only time I will use that terminology in this entire post) gives people a cut and dry explanation of how people actually feel during 'that time of the month'. In the process, it makes for a rather funny ad in my opinion.

Mar 24, 2010

No, I Will Not Hug You

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Sour Patch Kids are the bomb aren't they? The commercials perfectly explain the way they taste.

First they're sour...

Then they're sweet.

I thought it'd be interesting to get my roommate's point of view on the infamous Sour Patch Kids commercials. She, being my roommate, also appreciates a nice and solid awkward situation. What is more awkward than waking up in the morning with one pigtail missing? Or how about walking out your front door and getting slapped in the face via eggs? Or even better, taking a scenic bike ride through the park and smacking into a mural painted on a brick wall? Those delicious devils get the best of us every time. Not my roommate though...


When I listened to Katie's testimony, I realized, 'She's right.' These crazy kids can't just do whatever they want and expect us to forgive them. It is not okay that you forced a pigeon to poop on me; being delicious isn't going to cut it anymore.
Who am I kidding? That is a lie. Taste buds around the globe have saved Sour Patch Kids thus far. But if their sour moments get any worse, even taste buds may not preserve them.

Just a thought.

Mar 17, 2010

Don't Cross the Line!

You know that imaginary line between funny and just plain messed up? It is often crossed by attention seekers and/or people who have zero filter and zero people skills. Ads that have been banned from T.V. and magazines crossed that line. The line is sacred! One must respect the line while not letting modesty completely over-shadow the statement trying to be made. The envelope must be pushed at times or else we would never see ads that truly made a statement and caused people to think.
The following commercial was banned from T.V. on account of its sense of raunchiness and over the top method of delivery.

Also, I am 65% positive that there is a point in time in which the teenager's manhood is visible to the world as he is flying through the sky. Nudity; really X-Box promoters?
Here is an example of another ad that hurdled the fine line.

Ha. I don't really think an explanation is in order for that one.

No one can say that these ads don't grab their attention. However, there are certain morals and such that need be preserved. These ads leap the line and head straight for the bad side of the awkward scale. That is why they did not air. That is why it is so important to realize the boundaries and not exceed them.

Mar 3, 2010

Stewie Griffen: Taking Over One Hilltop at a Time

Do you like Family Guy? It happens to be one of the most awkward, hilarious and politically incorrect shows on television these days. Because it is all of these things, it happens to be one of my favorite shows. As I walked around campus for Stewie's photo-shoot, I received more smiles than wierd looks from bystanders. People know Stewie. They respect him. Maybe they're just laughing at the freak running around campus with a life-size Stewie under her arm. Either way, Family Guy truly is becoming a pop culture icon for awkward humor. Family Guy brings an over the top kind of funny to the table; that type of humor that crosses the line a little bit. This curve in humor defines the curve advertising has begun to take. More and more people are finding themselves chuckling at ads that are, by society standards, "weird". Therefore, sit back, relax and enjoy Stewie's crazy little run around campus.

Mar 2, 2010

Humor is Hot

Awkward moments occur everyday. No one can escape them. No matter what, your cheeks will burn with the redness of embarrassment throughout your lifetime. The video above shows peoples' awkward moments ON TELEVISION. We should be thankful that most of our awkward moments aren't broadcast for the world to see (even though we often feel that the whole planet witnesses all of our unfortunately uncomfortable moments.)

Awkward moments are not fun to endure for most people. I say most because there are a select few out there that thoroughly enjoy awkward moments, myself included. They are funny for those on the outside to listen to or watch. They're even funny to instigate in tension filled situations.
Why are they so funny? Do we as a society thrive on others' pain: be it physical or mental? I think we do. The majority of the population that watches T.V. and reads the paper and magazines finds today's advertisements humorous simply because they're weird and OTHER PEOPLE are the suckers dealing with the awkwardness. Therefore, all of us viewers can sit back, relax and soak in the failure of others. Another reason the commercials and other weird ads are so appealing to us is that we can relate to them many times.

Anyway you put it, the ads are funny and seem to have taken over the world of advertising. Bottom line, humor is hot.