Apr 20, 2010

What We Know and Love Over the Years

I was thinking the other day about big ad campaigns; when were they started and how much have they changed over the years. In exploring these questions, I took a product that we all know and did a bit of research. Coca Cola. It is a wholesome thirst quencher that captured the heart of America long ago. Eventually, it swept the globe and is continuing to go strong today. I thought it would be interesting to compare old advertising of the company to its modern day advertising.
I found the original Coca Cola commercial and posted it. I then found a Coca Cola commercial from 2009-20010. There are many changes in the way the product is presented, the way the people look, the quality of the video, etc. WATCH THEM! Please.

Isn't that a catchy song? In 1971, when the commercial was released, the public went wild for it. Phones at radio stations rang off the hook with people asking for it to be played again and again. Now let's watch a commercial from modern time. It takes a new approach to selling the product, yet continues with the same overall message; Coke is refreshing and awesome. Bottom line.

In my next post you'll get an even better look at the way Coca Cola advertisements have changed over the years. You'll get a run through of a visual guide, or time-line, if you will, of different advertising campaigns Coca Cola has created since it was concocted.

On a random note, I found this rather old Campbell's Soup commercial from 1975. I found it humorous in a way. It's just so....old-ish. However, it does a nice job capitalizing on the fact that their product is cheap and affordable in the bad economy of the late 70s.

Clearly, advertising has changed over the years and will continue to change as time progresses. Different things come in and out of style and advertising must go with that flow to appeal to the consumers. I cannot wait to look at this blog in ten years and realize how much advertising has changed in even that short amount of time.