Mar 3, 2010

Stewie Griffen: Taking Over One Hilltop at a Time

Do you like Family Guy? It happens to be one of the most awkward, hilarious and politically incorrect shows on television these days. Because it is all of these things, it happens to be one of my favorite shows. As I walked around campus for Stewie's photo-shoot, I received more smiles than wierd looks from bystanders. People know Stewie. They respect him. Maybe they're just laughing at the freak running around campus with a life-size Stewie under her arm. Either way, Family Guy truly is becoming a pop culture icon for awkward humor. Family Guy brings an over the top kind of funny to the table; that type of humor that crosses the line a little bit. This curve in humor defines the curve advertising has begun to take. More and more people are finding themselves chuckling at ads that are, by society standards, "weird". Therefore, sit back, relax and enjoy Stewie's crazy little run around campus.