Mar 31, 2010

It is awkward in itself that I am putting up a post about tampons and 'that time of the month' for us girls. But that is the name of the game for this blog so, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Everyone knows that the subject of girls and aunt flow has always been an awkward one to talk about. It is gross. It makes us feel fat, angry and emotional. Also, it arrives at an awkward stage in our lives. We're at that 'in between' time when we are, as Britney Spears put it so correctly, "not a girl; not yet a woman." (Feel uncomfortable yet?) I saw this commercial not too long ago about the feelings aunt flow brings when she rolls around each month. I found it hilarious and when you think about what is being said. It is all so sarcastic and if you turn everything she says around, you get the truth. So boys, watch it. Take notes. Learn to stay out of our way when aunt flow is in town. (If you didn't feel uneasy before, do you now?)

In watching that commercial, it can be realized that other tampon ads truly are ridiculous. You do not want to dance, frolic, smile, twirl on the beach, OR twirl on the beach in slow motion. You want to punch stuff. This ad gets it right. It's sarcastic display of the above mentioned activities done while girls are on their period, (AH! It is indeed the first and only time I will use that terminology in this entire post) gives people a cut and dry explanation of how people actually feel during 'that time of the month'. In the process, it makes for a rather funny ad in my opinion.